Unplanned was released in theaters this past spring and exceeded box office expectations for a faith-based film during a limited engagement.

The film is based on the true story of Abby Johnson, a former executive director of Planned Parenthood’s Bryan/College Station abortion facility.  She is now one of the leading voices in the ProLife movement.

To tell this story in an honest and forthright way requires viewers to be confronted with the realities of the abortion industry and the abortions it performs.

This is uncomfortable and squeamish.  Sometimes painful.  It is gruesome and ghastly.  It is shocking and alarming.

That’s not to say that I’ve been living in a cocoon or a bubble.  I’ve been a ProLife activist since 1990 when I joined in prayer at the infamous facility in Wichita, Kansas where Dr. George Tiller, aka “Dr. Death”, practiced.

I know the statistics.  Two thousand babies aborted each day in the U.S.  Sixty million abortions since Roe v Wade.  One in three – or a more conservative one in five – women have had abortions.  Both in and out of the church.

But nothing prepares you for actually witnessing an abortion.  And nothing prepared Abby Johnson.

Not eight years working for PP.  Not having two abortions herself, one of which was a chemical abortion that nearly killed her.  Not knowingly lying and deceiving “clients”.  Not the awareness of the body parts storage unit that was part of the PP facility.

So be forewarned: nothing will prepare you for the horror you will witness in this film.

This will assault every area of human sensitivity you possess.  And you may well ask, “Why would I want to see a movie like that?”

And I would suggest you should because we all need to be awakened to the utter depravity and darkness that is the abortion industry.

It’s far past time to take our heads out of the sand, look evil in the eye, and recognize the enemy for who it is.

Perhaps if we finally confront the realities surrounding a single abortion, we will be stirred and challenged, energized and emboldened to rise up and take a stand to end all abortions.  And until that day, to do our all to protect and defend the sanctity of life.

Abby Johnson experienced the power of conviction, the power of conversion, the power of redemption, and the power of grace.

She has determined she was complicit in over 20,000 abortions during her days at PP.  But she was delivered and set free.

If God’s grace is sufficient to save Abby Johnson, surely His Grace is sufficient to allow us to break the chains of timidity, of COWARDICE, to throw off the bonds of apathy, and to claim personal responsibility for the continuing, on-going slaughter in our city, state, and nation.

It may come in incremental steps.  But know this-we have momentum on our side at this critical juncture.  We can help to keep that momentum moving if each of us will take a single step.

For those who wish to take part in helping to protect and defend the sanctity of life, please consider:

  • Attend Life Chain SA, a peaceful, prayerful rally in support of life on October 6, 2019, 2:00-3:00 PM, beginning at San Pedro and Loop 410 and proceeding south.  Signs are available at the event.  Life Chain SA is an annual event gathering for 31 years and is part of a national event.
  • Host or help to organize a Life Chain event on your church campus. Choose a date and time that is ideal for your congregation!
  • Invite a Life Chain member to make an announcement at your church or life group, pass out flyers, answer questions, or whatever you need,

For further information, contact:

Gene Hildabrand



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