“The City You Deserve”
Ron Nirenberg’s slogan when he ran 2 years ago.
Lets see:
1. High Crime
2. Statues moved in the dead of night
3. Attorney General investigating vote over Chick-Fil-A
4. Higher Water Bills
5. 200 plus million in lost revenues from the Republican Convention
6. Amazon.com jobs went to Austin
7. Shortage of Police
8. Attorney General investigating Chief of Police action
9. “Sanctuary City” – No, “Welcoming City”
10. Shortage of Emergency Equipment
11. Still no Fire Contract
12. 87 million dollars in fees that will be showing up in utility, and property tax rates courtesy of Impact Fees being shuffled to ratepayer backs instead of Developers
13. Increased Property Taxes
14. Vista Ridge
15. Pay to Play Exposed

16. Hays Street Bridge Scandal

17. The bridge so the deer could cross the road

17. Most of those that voted, reportedly voted for the very man who worked to take away their right to vote on the Charter Amendments.

Despite these issues, voters barely reconfirmed Nirenberg as Mayor.  Likely the endorsements of TOP and the funds from many helped make this happen.

Those that didn’t support another term, may hope and least pray that the Nirenberg remembers and finds credibility in the issues that nearly cost him the race.