I am NOT Cranky….

The older we get, seemingly, or so we are told by spouse and friends alike, the more cranky we become. Short tempered, crotchety, irritable, you name it, just plain hard to get along with. But I’m not convinced that’s the case. Of course, I could be prejudice on the question as I am 71 and have occasionally been diagnosed as above, by my loving spouse.

Is it just possible, that having reached the age of “senior maturity” we may have examined our lives, the experiences, the world around us, and judged, as did Solomon, “vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” And having arrived at such elevated knowledge, judged that people should say what they mean, get to the point, don’t waste time (especially ours) and tell the absolute unvarnished truth, as we have time for nothing less.

This means also, that we have little tolerance for the “untruths” of the world. Excuses made for convenience of someone or to excuse an action that never should have happened to begin with. Then there are the attitudes and statements that reflect an absolute lack of intelligence yet they are spoken and presented as though they were law. In these cases, not only do we have no time, but our ire rises to soaring levels.

Greater yet, we see far more clearly when the young, while attempting “not rock the boat” either for the good of the church, fellowship in Christ, business transactions or anything else, water down the absolute truth, sugar coat the obvious or fail to call it as it is. Traditionally, only experience, reflection and deep biblical study brings you to the point where you have decided not only to no longer take part in such obvious and ingratiating gyrations yourself but have no tolerance for such and are definitely not afraid to say so.

Would that we were taught these things early on. But that would involve some really quality discipleship and that rarely happens anymore.

So, advice to older spouses, and it wouldn’t hurt younger spouses either, when you get short or angry, just hug one another, look in the other’s eyes, say “I love you.” If that doesn’t work, just make sure the rolling pin is hidden.