Colleges used to be where students went to study the very best minds mankind has produced over thousands of years of human experience.

But then the Leftists took it over, and now universities are used to brainwash as many young people as they can into socialist ideas.

Now, this conservative student is getting death threats, and you won’t believe why.

A University of Chicago student is receiving death threats for advancing a student government bill that would allow students to opt out of funding abortion through their mandatory student fees.

Brett Barbin crafted the bill after being approached by multiple concerned students who did not want their student fees funding abortions through the college’s emergency fund. So he made a bill that would allow students to stop funding abortions if they so chose.

But his bill was met with attacks from unhinged pro-choice students who don’t want students to have a choice on funding abortion. The president of the student government decried the bill and took the time to glorify abortions, saying “Abortions are a good thing! The Emergency Fund supports and funds abortions proudly! If you need help paying for an abortion, we are here for you!”

The rest of the student government seemed to agree, as his bill was voted down 15-1, ensuring students will continue to fund abortions against their will.

Fox News Reports:
When Barbin, a graduating senior who is also the College Republicans president, proposed his bill, hundreds of students protested. He received death threats and hateful messages, including one that wished he was aborted as a child.
His bill was voted down 15-1.

Barbin argues his bill was a compromise, much like the Hyde Amendment, so students who don’t want to fund abortions, don’t have to. The student representatives didn’t see it that way.

To leftists, the “right” to murder a preborn child is sacred. If you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter. Come hell or high water, they’ll force you to take part, even if its against your will.

And if you fight back, they’ll attack you and threaten your life. The sad part is, many pro-lifers say this response is commonplace at universities.

As we previously reported, pro-lifers at Ryerson University were viciously attacked by leftists there.

And Kristan Hawkins, the president of pro-life group Students for Life of America, had to bring bomb-sniffing dogs to one of her events because liberal activists threatened to kill her.

This is why Donald Trump signed an executive order defending Americans’ First Amendment free speech rights on college campuses.

Yet it appears the war on campus conservatives is continuing. It’s against everything America stands for to attack people who disagree with you. Especially when those people are defending innocent life.

Should Americans be worried about leftist violence on campus?