It appears that for a number of years, Establishment Republican Leaders in the state of Texas have lived under the false assumption, that if they simply took care of the finances, while ignoring many other pertinent issues, everything else would be fine.

I honestly don’t know if they actually believed that, but they worked hard to convince us that we had nothing to worry about.
One of the main issues that the Establishment Republican Leadership have ignored, is the ramifications of the illegal immigration problem here in Texas. There is the higher costs to maintain operations of schools, hospitals, and the penal system, but the societal costs are exponential.

To the detriment of the state, illegal immigration has been allowed to flow freely through the southern border by Texas Republican Leadership, to the benefit of Texas Chamber of Commerce donors et al, while they pretend to be concerned about the issue at election time every 4 years.

It seems that they believed that if they were nice to the illegals, by giving their children in-state tuition, turning a blind eye to the illegals receiving public subsidies, as well as ignoring the employers that hire illegals instead of hiring Americans, that they would find favor with legal Hispanics, and win their votes. This was all done while raking in billions in donor dollars from the industries that take advantage of cheap labor.

Unfortunately, much of what I see is, many of the “children of illegals” have been indoctrinated to possess a disdain and disrespect for America, while holding on to some nostalgia and allegiance for their home country. As well, many of the “children of illegals” who take advantage of the in-state tuition are studying to become immigration lawyers. Go figure.

Now that we have a “crisis on the border” that can’t be ignored, Governor Greg Abbott pretends to care about the issue, by having himself filmed while he surveys the border from his helicopter. (for his campaign commercial)

The southern border has been a problem for quite some time, but the reality is that this “border crisis” started in 2014, and many of us in the “grass roots community” shouted very loudly about it back then. We urged Governor Abbott to attend to this problem, to no avail. Like former governor Perry, governor Abbott ignored the problem as much as he could.


If Perry or Abbott were serious about protecting Texans from the border invasion, they would have done whatever was necessary to get the job done in spite of the federal government. The State of Texas is where Governor Abbott calls home. As Governor, he has the primary responsibility of protecting this state from an invasion such as what is happening now, yet he, like Rick Perry did, makes excuses for why this problem is allowed to continue.¬†¬†They hide behind bogus laws, making claims of what they can’t do to protect us from the invaders.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Border Patrol has reportedly averaged catching 100,000 illegal invaders per month. Consider the fact that they catch only about 25-33% of the invaders. The apprehension rate is a little higher now because the illegals are turning themselves over to the Authorities in order to exploit federal law, that the congressional republicans did nothing to address when they had the total majority.

The reality is that, YOU are the first line of defense for protecting YOUR home from any type of invasion. If your home is being invaded and you had the means to stop the invaders, would you stop them, or would you wait for the government to decide whether or not they will help you? It is my opinion that they just don’t care. Like I said,


I honestly did not believe that any Texas Governor could be worse on this issue as a governor than Rick Perry, until Greg Abbott got elected. In the 2017 legislative session, Abbott managed to get an anti-sanctuary city law passed, but he has done little to nothing to enforce it.

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton is also “missing in action” on this issue. The only time we hear from him is when an issue gets so serious that he must act in order to not appear derelict in his duty.

In addition to the pathetic excuse for the 2019 legislative session that just finished, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen attempted to spin it as “the best legislative session ever.”

That lie will be short-lived, considering the fact that the “Election Integrity” bills didn’t pass. The Bills were designed to put teeth into the law when dealing with voter fraud, which is a growing problem throughout the state, but thanks to REPUBLICANS in the Texas House and Senate, and the absence of leadership from Abbott or Patrick the bills were not passed.

Texas Patriots went to the 2018 State Republican Convention last year and we were very specific about the issues that were to be dealt with in this 2019 legislative session. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the bills that were deemed “Legislative Priorities” didn’t get passed, and for the conservative legislation that did pass, we had to fight like crazy to get it done.

In spite of having sizable Republican majorities in the State Legislature, for years Liberty Driven Texans have gotten crumbs in the way of preferred legislation through the sessions.
The reality is that Texans who simply believe in Constitutional Governance have continued to be “Played” by the Texas State Republican Leadership.

The sad reality is that so much is at stake at this time, yet the Texas Republican Leadership has treated our plight with callousness.

The 2019 Texas Legislative Session goes down historically as one of the worst in regard to the Advancement or the Defense of Liberty in the State of Texas. This Session has revealed to us that we have political traitors throughout the republican party.

At this point, I am convinced that many in the Texas Republican Leadership and some throughout the party are trying to lose the majorities on the state level. For many years, we witnessed Committee Chairmanships be given to democrats, and recently Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen spoke positively of the possibility of a democrat House Speaker in 2021. I don’t understand their motives, but like I’ve said before,


For the past few years, many new people have moved to Texas from California and from the Northeast. Those who are of a common sense mindset that have moved here are initially enamored by how normal we are, compared to the places that they left. It usually takes a little while before they begin to realize that Texas does not live up to the hype of being a bastion of Constitutionality and Conservative Governance. While disappointed, they still consider Texas an improvement over their previous home state.

The reality is that, if Texas and the values that make it a Great State are not protected, its’ GREATNESS will cease to exist.

For years, the Texas Republican Establishment ignored the local elections and handed the municipalities over to the left. The left is now entrenched in most major cities throughout Texas. They control many of the School Boards, the State District Courts, and thanks to the shortsightedness of the State and County Leadership in the 2018 midterm elections, Left-wing Democrats control the major State Appellate Courts, and are working diligently to gain control of the rest of the political chain of command.

If these current trajectories continue unabated, Texans will no longer be able to honestly refer to their state as “The Great State of Texas”.
Since average republican Texans did not watch their every move, but have blindly and unwisely trusted their elected representatives to do the right thing, maybe some day they will thank Governor Abbott and the rest the the Establishment Republican Leadership for the great job that they did in destroying the Greatness that once was in the State of Texas.


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Eugene, a Dallas resident, is an individual with multiple interests and talents. In addition to being a political activist and commentator, he is a General Consultant, Minister, Radio Talk Show Host, Public Speaker, affiliated with The Liberty Center, RED Texas Forum, SW Dallas Republicans, The Republican Assembly, The Mesquite Tea Party, and other organizations. A sought after speaker, Eugene is also President of Gamechaingers, an organization designed to inform and educate minorities on issues that affect culture. Eugene also delves in Real Estate Investing, Health and Wellness and Business Networking.