It’s finally here – EARLY VOTING THAT IS!

The Prize…….nothing less than Mayor of one of America’s largest cities, ours!

Who to choose? While the current Mayor Ron Nirenberg, though actively engaging and tossing barbs, seems a bit “above” it all, challenger Councilman Greg Brockhouse is delivering a resounding message of “Back to the Basics,” support our Neighborhoods, reinforce and keep our promises to our First Responders and bring our infrastructure up-to-date.

If Brockhouse wins he will have accomplished exactly what Nirenberg did to former Mayor, Ivy Taylor, challenging the incumbent and winning.

While Nirenberg seems to cater to developers and his vision of “The City You Deserve!” Brockhouse has worked diligently for several years to curtail the city’s lavish spending on items such as the famous half billion dollar “Streetcar up Broadway” that you would have to take a bus or drive to a rail station to board, leave your car, ride the short distance, then walk to your job, then do the reverse to get home. Brockhouse brought the assistance of the Fire Union and helped lead a very effective coalition in order to send the Streetcar to the “history” pile.

He followed that with a fight against the 3.4 Billion Dollar Vista Ridge Project. Rammed by SAWS leadership, through outrage and competent advice from many authorities, the project, scheduled to be completed shortly, is supposed to carry 50 million-acre feet of water a year (16.3 billion gallons) from the Simsboro Aquifer in Burleson County, 143 miles away, to San Antonio. It is said to be without question, the most expensive water in the nation. Not as clean and certainly not as economical as our Edwards Aquifer water, the recent question surfacing is “why is SAWS lobbying Austin for authority to sell Edwards Aquifer water to other counties. While San Antonio ratepayers are hit with one rate increase after another to pay the cost of the expensive Simsboro (Vista Ridge) water, why is SAWS promoting the sale of the cheaper and cleaner Edwards water to other counties? Wasn’t the reason for the Vista Ridge Project to insure San Antonio had enough water for years to come? How is it that now we seem to have a surplus of cheaper, cleaner Edwards water?

While the City Council sitting at that time, of which Nirenberg was a member, voted for the project despite numerous complaints and warnings, chiefest of which was likely the poor financial state of the contractor, Abengoa, who filed for bankruptcy within 13 months, Brockhouse is supporting a call for an independent audit of the project. Have you noticed your water bill increasing, expect more plus your CPS bill increasing as well? Oh yes, the Mayor, currently Nirenberg, is a member of the board for SAWS and CPS.

Brockhouse has been chastised for his relationships with the Fire and Police Unions. He was a marketing consultant who advised them very well. In the course of the relationship, many inequities, joys and complaints would have naturally been discussed and individuals found common ground of concern for public safety in San Antonio, and the lack of attention to the needs of the citizens. The fact that crime was rising, violent crime escalating, not enough police officers, not enough ambulances, claims for Firefighter’s health issues of cancer mandated by state law to be workman’s comp related, denied by the city, forcing the victims to lean on insurance, then the City complaining about the escalating insurance rates, the list goes on and on.

Did Brockhouse support the Charter Amendments, yes as did tens of thousands of San Antonians and organizations. The only proposition to lose was Proposition A which, in reality could have allowed the citizens of San Antonio a realistic opportunity to effectively stop lavish irresponsible spending.

Did Nirenberg fight against it, absolutely. His mouthpiece Christian Archer loudly declared in neighborhood meetings that the rating agencies warned had written that the very existence of the proposed amendment on the ballot would cause a downgrade in San Antonio’s credit rating which would cost of millions in additional interest. (That document was never produced. The amendments were on the ballot and the only downgrade that occurred was minimal from Fitch which is wholly owned by Hearst which also owns the Express News. Moody’s and Standard and Poor didn’t even blink) Nirenberg rallied a handful of wealthy businesspeople and business establishments who gathered up over $2,000,000.00 to fight against the propositions. They filed multiple times in court in attempts to effectively remove the proposed Charter Amendments from the ballot and lost every time.

As a voter you should understand that all the requirements to lawfully place the proposed Charter Amendments on the ballot were met. The petitions were certified, and Amendments were approved to go on the ballot, for you, as a voting citizen and taxpayer of this city to decide the validity of. It was then your right to vote yes or no.

However, once it was lawful for the Amendments to be on the ballot, Nirenberg led the “Secure San Antonio’s Future political action committee” to file lawsuits against the Firefighters, in an attempt to discredit and have the amendments removed from the ballot. The effect of which would have been to, REMOVE YOUR LAWFUL RIGHT TO DECIDE!

You now have an opportunity to decide what type of leadership and city government do you and your family want to live under, one who would resort to removing your lawful right to decide an issue or one who fights against wasteful spending, supports our community and those who guard the safety of our very lives and property. YOU CHOOSE!