How is the street in front of your house?  How about the other streets you drive on?  Are all of them even paved?

Have you noticed potholes that go unrepaired or poorly repaired so they have to be fixed again and again (that’s job security.)

I live off a major 2 lane street in the northeast part of town. It transfers traffic between I-35 and Nacogdoches, and it the artery for the various subdivisions along the way.

It is a rollercoaster, if you travel Topperwein, between those points, make certain your seat belt is securely fastened. I think the level that was used was made from a limp noodle.  Plus there are 500 new homes going up that exit on to Topperwein.  That’s the likely equivalent of 2,000 more cars a day traveling the same road.

The Live Oak end, from I-35 to the railroad tracks, is a nice wide 4 lane, but the SA side is a rough 2 lane with no curbing, and has been that way for at least 24 years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone was paying attention to infrastructure?

Well, election time is almost here!

Photo forwarded by Bryan Osborn