Depending on how long you may have been married, you will either agree vehemently, laugh, be shocked, or just stand in awe.

Men, don’t mess with your wife’s cleaning rags!

Teri and I have been married nearly 45 years, it could have been nearly 55, but she can be a little difficult. I could count on one hand the number of fights we have had with two fingers left over. When I taught Couples Class in Sunday School I would say to the men “you should consider your wife to be your personal gift from God, and treat her that way.” Then to the ladies, “remember to act as though you are a gift from God and remember who he gave you to.”

That philosophy has served us well, however, there are some things, married life instruction, that are not in any dictionary, Bible, university, high school, graduate school, marriage counseling or any other type of class.

Several years ago, Teri went to Roswell to visit her mother. It was over a weekend so our son Neil and I cleaned out the pantry, painted it, installed new flooring and shelves. Then we organized everything on the shelves, you know cereal, canned goods etc. Now on one lower shelve there was extra room.

Teri had a stack of cleaning rags in the pantry before we remodeled it so naturally, in putting everything back orderly, I wanted to put the rags back as well. But her old rags were really rags, torn, worn, holes etc. So I opted to get new ones, nice fluffy terry cloth. I folded them neatly and stacked them on the shelf.

Monday she came home. I proudly showed her the result of the work Neil and I had done, she smiled and said “that’s nice.” A few minutes later she hollered at me, I had gone into another room, “Joe where are my rags?” “What” I replied. She raised her voice, “Where are my rags?” “Your rags? They are on the bottom shelf to the right.” “No, my rags”

Just to make this short, that little woman has the most beautiful big blue eyes ever. She got so mad that they turned black! I went to put my arm around her, and explain that I had exchanged her old rags for new ones. That just made her madder. After all, I just threw away the old and got her some brand new ones. that made her madder too!

The madder she got the more humorous the situation became to me, and that made her madder!  (guys – remember this!)

Finally, in mock desperation, I put my arm around her, pulled her close, looked into her eyes and said “if rags is the best we have to argue over, we must not be doing to bad. She laughed and I am alive today to tell this story.

Husbands, be you newly weds or in a lifetime marriage, don’t mess with your wife’s cleaning rags!