You recall the Cleaves, from our last Shenanigans, this is another of their stories, but not one of natural intelligence. In fact, on reading this short diddy, you might determine that these guys, or at least some of them, were a little short on the brain factor.
Our story begins on Cemetery Road. Not that they were attending a funeral, but it was a fairly deserted place to accomplish the planned mischief. The planned part however, was only known to the driver of the vehicle, me (Jose).

Vehicle of choice for this little adventure was my blue ’56 Ford coupe. A gift from mother, it provided much joy to our little clan, including many episodes that were never shared with mom. It was a three speed on the column (for you younger readers, that means the shifter was a piece of steel, with a knob, that stuck out on the right hand side of the steering column). Now Blue had a mean second gear and a set of Smitty Glass Packs for mufflers. If I wanted, those pipes would roar like we were in an Indy 500 racer.

You know, speed is fascinating. It’s a terrible feeling to be stuck in traffic doing 5 or 10 or 20 miles an hour, it’s like molasses, you feel as if you could crawl faster. Well now, that was a thought that stirred some conversation amongst us rebels, and after a bit of germination, pretty well took hold.

There were four of us in ole Blue and I was “testing” the theory that at the very least, a person could walk faster than 10 miles per hour. We were all talking about it, so I opened my driver’s door and stepped out. After all we were only going 10 miles an hour.

If you have ever heard the term “sudden impact” believe me you don’t want to experience it! I stepped out of the moving car (remember I’m driving) got about 2 steps into the 10 miles per hour before “sudden impact” between my knees and the pavement. Yes, of course I still had hold on the wheel when I went down.

I can only say that I truly believe that God was watching (likely shaking his head in dismay) cause bloody knees was all that happened, nothing broken ‘cept a little pride. However, new respect was gained but not about doing foolish things. My buds were very careful about teasing me after that, I think they figured I was “touched” a bit. There’s likely some truth to that. I generally drove after I got my license ‘cause I had ready access to vehicles. Some of those stories will be shared later.
Praise the Lord, we all grew up whole!