An Honest Analysis

I am a Realist.
I see things as they are, not as I prefer them to be.

Here in Texas, in the November 6, 2018 election, we lost our ability as a state to maintain common sense approaches to governance. This was due in large part to the lack of preparation, foolish pride, and false assumption by Republican Party Leadership throughout the state.
This is also due, in part, to the lack of a constitutional understanding of the role of the courts, but I digress.

While the state politicians and republican party leaders will try and put a positive spin on the election outcome, in addition to the losses that conservatives suffered in the state house, most Texans are not aware of the fact that the republicans lost control of three of the largest appeals courts in the state, nor are they aware of the ramifications of left wing control of these courts in the coming years.

The Texas State Appellate Courts handles more than 95% of all state district court cases. In recent years, the left has controlled the Texas courts at the district levels. The Texas appeals courts have been the primary reason that Texas laws have maintain a modicum of sanity. As of November 6, 2018, that is no longer the case.
For years we (the christian right) have been fighting battles on many fronts. We fought battles to protect Innocent Life, to protect the Family and the Culture from the advancements of the Homosexual Agenda, and we fought Battles to protect our Constitutional Liberties. Sometimes we have fought to elect noble individuals, but in many cases, we voted for the lesser of the 2 evils.
We have come to a point in our history where less and less American citizens attend church regularly, read God’s Word, or take it seriously.

Many of our religious organizations/institutions, as well as much of the political representation, the local school systems, colleges, universities, judicial system, the police departments, the News Media and Entertainment have been INFECTED by Progressivism, Political Correctness, and Greed. This has led to an EXPANSION OF CORRUPTION throughout our institutions, and at virtually every level of American life.

Many citizens complain about the government, but rarely do they take account of the fact that “Government is at best a necessary evil” – Thomas Paine.

As a rule, we should maintain a ‘HEALTHY DISTRUST OF GOVERNMENT’. Government is made up of people, which means that we should HAVE A HEALTHY DISTRUST of all government employees (including cops and judges), and especially elected officials.

It doesn’t really matter what an individual claims his/her values are while running for office if they don’t possess strong convictions that are rooted in Absolute Truth. It is the only way that an elected official can maintain their integrity once elected to office. As citizens, we are obligated to carefully assess the qualifications of those who claim to desire to represent us.

For many years, we have battled against those who would violate, and compromise away the rights that are guaranteed to us by the US Constitution. In recent years, we have seen them take an oath by placing their hands on a Bible that they claim is not true, to a God that they often claim does not exist.

Those who align themselves with the political left, and/or the democrat party have been the primary culprits to advance such tyrannical agendas, but in recent years, more and more of those on the political right, who often identify themselves as republicans, are equally as guilty.

We have seen our privacy rights eroded by bad legislation, and then upheld by unconstitutional judicial rulings.

We have seen police departments under fire for doing their jobs, and we’ve seen police brutality condoned/pardoned by the Police Superintendents.

We are now in a place where government officials (police, politicians, and judges) give immunity to illegal aliens who break our laws, but won’t protect American citizens from invaders committing crimes. Illegal Aliens drive without Licenses or Insurance throughout Texas and across America. They have wrecks, cause damage and loss of life, and suffer minimal, if any consequences. All this so that business will continue to have cheap labor. America and Texas be damned on behalf of the Dept/Commerce and corrupt politicians.

We have been witnessing our nation and the state of Texas fall apart for some time now. In spite of all the effort put forth by many in the conservative grass-roots. Even when we win, we still lose.

We have been undermined by establishment politicians posing as conservatives while stabbing us in the back politically. The law is either violated by politicians on the left, or it doesn’t get vigorously enforced or defended by those on our side.
The political Left steals our elections, and those who supposedly represent us claim that we must abide by the “rule of law”. That only works when we are playing by the same rules.

Our efforts get circumvented by corrupt judges, politicians, and Anarchists. All the while, those elected to represent our point of view continue to give us excuses for why they can’t do the very things that they swore an oath to do.

I have noticed throughout recent years that activist on the left will fight for what they want, but activist on the right spend time worrying about what the communist news media will say about them.

I am genuinely curious to know when those on the political right will stop making excuses and begin to raise more hell than those on the left.

In the past few years, I have met many grass-roots activists on the political right that have had some great political slogans. Some had fairly tough talking language.
The reality is, unless and until those on the right are willing to have their actions match their rhetoric, nothing will change for the better.

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

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Eugene, a Dallas resident, is an individual with multiple interests and talents. In addition to being a political activist and commentator, he is a General Consultant, Minister, Radio Talk Show Host, Public Speaker, affiliated with The Liberty Center, RED Texas Forum, SW Dallas Republicans, The Republican Assembly, The Mesquite Tea Party, and other organizations. A sought after speaker, Eugene is also President of Gamechaingers, an organization designed to inform and educate minorities on issues that affect culture. Eugene also delves in Real Estate Investing, Health and Wellness and Business Networking.