Oh Boy! It’s Christmas time, kinda like Birthday and Anniversary……….what am I going to get my wife/or hubby? The ladies are generally far better at this (knowing what to do) than men. Men often wait ‘til Christmas eve, out of lack of direction, then wind up at the jewelry store in fear. (OK that’s not a bad thing either!)

What my wife and I have found to be of far greater value (after many of my trips to the jewelry store) is to do one or both of two things. 1) Ask if there is something special that your heart desires. Of course, based on the length of the marriage, there’s not likely much. 2) Take the time to warm a cup of hot chocolate, get cozy on the sofa, share some memories, gaze into each other’s eyes and express your love for one another, and put on “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

You see it’s the time spent together and sharing, that’s valued. That is the gift of love, the greatest gift we can give.