This is that particular time of year when tons of specials on tools are available from your local DIY Supply Store, commonly known as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Tool Liquidators or any number of other establishments. The important thing to note is think first about what you already have, then think about what you need, then think about what you want.

Turning most men loose in a tool department is like giving them a brand new, unlimited credit card in a gun store. We would gleefully fill whatever work space our wives have allowed for our never-ending projects, with all kinds of tools and equipment. It’s a Man’s Territory!

HOWEVER, not all men are so inclined. I have a friend who called one day stating that he was going to have to return the electric drill he just purchased. I asked why, he stated it wouldn’t put the screw in it just kept turning. I asked if he had the switch on “reverse,” his reply was, “there’s a switch?”

You all get the idea. Now his wife and neighbors testify to the fact that he maintains an incredibly beautiful yard. So, we all have talents, just not all the same. However, she does let him hold the ladder while she paints.