At last week’s City Council meeting an attempt was made by Councilman Rey Saldana, to garner some of VSA (Visit San Antonio) tax monies for Homeless causes. And while most people have no problem in helping the Homeless, there’s just one problem, WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?

After the City Manager was questioned by our District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry, it was finally disclosed that San Antonio spends approximately $88 million, that’s MILLION, dollars per year, to assist approximately 3,066 homeless people. WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?

Perry asked how much Federal and Local money went to fight Homelessness. After conferring with one of her four Assistant City Managers, it was stated that the Federal Government supplies $55 Million and we, San Antonio, spends an additional $33 Million, making the total $88,000,000.00, and there appears to be little progress in solving our Homeless problems.

Perry made the following point…. it is costing taxpayers approximately $ 28,701 ….. per homeless person annually ….. (Hummm…I WONDER WHERE THE MONEY IS REALLY GOING?)

If you do the math and put that in perspective….that is $ 552 / week …. which would actually allow for an Extended Stay America Hotel ($392 – free maid service daily and fresh linens) …. and still allow $ 160 / week for food !

Another point to ponder ….. many older, and/or disabled Americans exist on Social Security checks of no more than $1,000.00 a month (and some even less) after Medicare ….. which leaves them about $230.00 a week to live on (that’s mortgages, utilities, insurance, car payments and food) ….. but their tax dollars subsidize programs claiming to spend over twice that amount on other individuals. AGAIN – WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?

QUESTION, how many Homeless directly receive Social Security checks and other subsidies, not included in the $88,000,000.00?

Or how about the fact that we could purchase a $ 200,000 home for each individual.. .. pay the mortgage of $ 1237.00 and taxes of $6,000 a year for a total of $20,844.00, and still have almost $8,000.00 left to expend.

Before some of our readers get upset over this article and accuse us of slamming Homeless persons at Christmas, that NOT at all the objective.

If it takes $88 million dollars

to actually help these San Antonians

then I’m all for it!

The point here is, it is obvious that the City’s current program is not working. How many have gone from homeless back into productive society? How many have been retrained? How many are receiving additional education? How many, that had drug and alcohol problems, have left that behind?

IN SHORT, HOW MANY HAVE WE ACTUALLY HELPED? The level of funding $88,000,000.00, in this regard is nothing more than a measurement of our lack of success in helping these unfortunate individuals.

I have to ask, given the level of monies reportedly expended, WHERE IS IT GOING? It certainly doesn’t seem to be addressing the problem we all hope to be solved.

So we have to also question, what is the compensation going to those that are managing these “programs?” Because the funds sure don’t seem to be getting to the need. Again…WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?