I wish I had known some of this when I was a teenager. Perhaps I could have avoided some of the many mistakes I made and perhaps I could have been better at teaching my kids to avoid these traps. I know that when we tell our patients this information, they almost always say “I have never heard that before”. Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?


There is good news here! We still have time to make a difference. And God is still alive and active and all powerful. He’s just looking for a few good men who will take a stand for righteousness. Together we can end abortion, bring back Godly marriages and families and teach this generation that its actually OK to say “I will wait”.



Part 5 represents the final thoughts and frustration presented in this series of articles on Sex and the Church.

Due to the seriousness of this article and its potential impact on the lives of countless young people, this article will be reprinted in its entirety following Christmas.