“Sanctuary Cities” Policies & Local Courts –

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in New England detained more than 50 illegal aliens in raids within two days (Dec. 4-5, 2018), targeting alleged criminals including drug dealers and murderers. Sadly, many of these illegal aliens had been previously freed by local liberal judges and jails that followed sanctuary city policies.

The busts occurred in the Boston area, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut to combat the region’s deadly opiate epidemic. “The target was fentanyl, heroin and cocaine dealers and the illegal immigrants doing it,” a law enforcement official said.

Among those arrested were three Brazilian illegal aliens who are wanted in Brazil for murder. The sweep netted 50 suspected illegal alien drug dealers and enough fentanyl to “kill half the state,” said another top law enforcement official.

However, opposition to Trump’s immigration policy results in some state and local judges aiding illegal immigrants suspected of crimes in evading ICE agents waiting with detention orders.

The resistance to Trump’s strict immigration law enforcement and border security policies has become increasingly widespread in Massachusetts and throughout the East Coast. The “sanctuary city” movement, where police are directed by mayors to not cooperate with ICE, has been spreading to state and local courts.

These ICE arrests included some illegal aliens with drug convictions or pending drug cases, and with many of the aliens eligible for immediate deportation. However, ICE officials said that in many of the cases, because of state and local Sanctuary Cities policies, illegal alien drug suspects have been released by local judges and jails despite them having active ICE detainers.

“Sanctuary city” policies in Massachusetts are contributing directly to the opiate epidemic by returning the very criminals who are peddling back to the streets to deal,” said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies. “They could have been sent back to their home countries instead of back to our neighborhoods to keep distributing death.”

The unenforced or circumvented ICE arrests of these illegal aliens further exemplify how liberal courts and politicians endanger American citizens by releasing criminal illegal aliens and helping them avoid deportation. These liberals are not protecting the citizens nor respecting the Constitution.

In November 2018, George Soros and his leftist political organizers targeted and swept judicial elections in many places, including Texas. Given the newly elected liberal judges in Texas, will they follow the example of Massachusetts and other “sanctuary city” state and local legal systems, and avoid cooperating with ICE and release criminal illegal aliens?

The defense of personal freedom, law and order, and The Constitution starts in your backyard at city hall and in the local courts. Citizens need to wake up and vote for their own safety and protection.

All illegal immigration is “illegal”, but when courts protect illegal alien criminals it is dangerous and treasonous.


George Rodriguez, El Conservador, is a Fox News contributor, podcaster on BlogTalkRadio.com, and blogger on Elconservador.net. His new book, “El Conservador: Conservative Opinions” is also available on Amazon.