Former president George H.W. Bush went to his eternal reward on the last day of November, the month traditionally dedicated to recalling the memory of those who’ve gone before us and paved the way for all that we are now. President Trump designated Wednesday, December 5, 2018 as a national day of mourning. An old adage admonishes us to speak no ill of the dead and it’s in that spirit that we should evaluate the legacy of our 41st President.

President Bush’s legacy is completing the lifework of his predecessor, Ronald Reagan in bringing down the Soviet Union and ending Communism, the Cold War, and its threat of imminent nuclear catastrophe, a threat that hung over the Free World since the Rosenberg’s and their fellow travelers gave the Soviets the secrets to the atomic bomb.

President Bush, by virtue of a long career in foreign policy, was able to thread a mine-field of opposition, not only from within the Soviet Union, to ending the Cold War. In the Orwellian world of the Mainstream Media (MSM) the titanic struggle to contain the spread of Communism is no longer taught or publicly mentioned, however the Post-War consensus was predicated on a policy of containment.

Pundits on the right and left were convinced that Communism was “the winning side” and the proper response was to contain its spread via proxy wars in the post-colonial world until some distant future when this ideology would lose its appeal. The idea that Communism could be defeated, as exemplified by President Reagan, was roundly ridiculed by our Best and Brightest. President Bush could’ve repudiated Reagan’s foreign policy, instead he successfully navigated the First Iraq War, which threatened to return Russia to Communism and presided over the collapse of the Evil Empire.

Were that all there was to President Bush’s legacy we could join in the media chorus of praise at his passing. Sadly, the MSM and its allies in the GOP have long prepared for the death of our 41st President to pursue a false narrative of the “Last, Good Republican.”

Democrats have a good reason to push this narrative, after all, President Bush lost his reelection bid despite ending the Cold War and assembling a multinational coalition to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. What’s less understandable is Republican enthusiasm for the good old days when the GOP was run by loveable losers, occasionally winning the White House to straighten out a financial or foreign policy crisis, after which they’d graciously return control of America’s destiny to their more progressive Democrat counterparts.

A key to this riddle, and an essential guide to responding to leftist adulation of a President they despised while he was in office, is located in our “inside the Beltway” political establishment. In both Austin and Washington, DC there is a de facto center-left Party of Government, with both a left and right wing. These individuals, be they bureaucrats, lobbyists or the corporations that employ the latter, regard government as a source of income. Big Government is manna from heaven for these individuals, while limited, open, and responsive Government is anathema. For the Party of Government, a complex bureaucracy is necessary for them to sell access and favors to special interests.

A vibrant, two party political system is also essential to providing income for political consultants and advertising dollars to the media. What can’t be tolerated is an actual opposition movement. The first President Bush was an ideal candidate for both wings of the Party of Government. His comment that he lacked “the Vision Thing” was interpreted by conservatives as a repudiation of the Reagan revolution, and thus Ross Perot was able to garner enough votes to deliver our nation into the hands of the Clinton mafia.

The conservative flank of the Party of Government shares the former President’s view that political leadership should steer the ship of state through the storms that may arise based on their education, background, and participation in the financial and corporate sectors of the economy. Qualification for office is based on breeding and the ability to handle whatever comes along.

This view of government has merit; however, the fatal flaw therein is that the storms aren’t caused by nature. They arise from the relentless pursuit of a cultural war agenda led by the left flank of the Party of Government. Unlike the Cold War, losing slowly in this campaign isn’t an option.

While honoring the passing of our nation’s 41st President, we cannot forget that following his legacy, or at least his legacy as portrayed by the MSM, will have consequences for conservatives and Christians that are equal in severity as to losing the Cold War.