Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY Published 3:26 p.m. ET Nov. 27, 2018 | Updated 10:19 p.m. ET Nov. 27, 2018

Two people in my office mistook the Google Pixel Slate tablet I had lying on a desk for one of Apple’s newest iPad Pros. At home, my 11-year-old son made the same mistake.

If you are Google, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the company will presumably have to persuade a would-be iPad Pro buyer to choose its pricey new tablet instead.

I’m not quite ready to do that myself, though Google’s new 1.6-pound anodized aluminum Chrome OS tablet is a capable alternative with a 12.3-inch high resolution touch display that is lovely to look at, notwithstanding bezels that are a little thicker than those on the iPad Pro.

Google says its color is midnight blue. To my eye, it looks black.

The bottom line is, while the hardware is very nice, I’m not sold on the software.

As with the display on Apple’s tablet, Pixel Slate supports the use of an optional pen for those of you who like to draw. And Google uses artificial intelligence to transform your handwritten scribblings into text.

Comparing prices

Google claims a couple of advantages against its rival right off the bat, a cheaper (though not cheap) starting price of $599 compared to the latest iPad Pros, which fetch $799 on up. And Google’s accessory $199 keyboard is superior to Apple’s optional $179 or $199 optional keyboard, mainly because it has the trackpad that Apple’s keyboard lacks. That said, it isn’t great either because, though you can prop up the tablet at multiple angles, it is awkward to do so, and sometimes if the surface wasn’t flat enough, the whole thing came tumbling down.

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