What an amazing Season of Giving! We are in the midst of the final program of Eagles Flight, where we rally our community into the Season of Giving Spirit. We have witnessed such graciousness and compassion. Our reach could not have been as successful without the efforts of an amazing team that surrounded us for our fundraiser: “Hilarity Helps”.

Cleto Rodriguez and his wife Lynette pour into a city that they love. Each time they hear of a non-profit that serves children, they try to lend a hand. The committee that supported our efforts was Cynthia Hamilton, Carrie Wilcoxson, Kenny Vallespin, Lucy Adame Clark and Cynthia Garcia. We give special thanks to Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, The San Antonio Christian Chamber, USAA, San Antonio Food Bank, Summit Christian Center, Sheriff Javier Salazar and Trader Joe’s.

This past week, as we delivered turkeys and baskets, it moved my heart to see the number of people that were brought to tears. As we delivered thanksgiving meals to the south side, the types of families that we encountered the most were; grandparents raising grandchildren.

The determination of these amazing people, some going through personal hardship just to make sure that they will impact their legacy, was very touching. Their personal experiences were just as moving as their gratefulness to be recipients of the Thanksgiving meals. It took 6 days to get deliveries out to those that we served.

We were successful in these areas:
100 turkeys to Edgewood ISD, 40 turkeys to Veterans in the Uvalde area
24 Thanksgiving baskets to the ARC and Providence place families
34 Thanksgiving baskets to Any Baby Can families
50 Thanksgiving bags to the Dream Center families
75 Thanksgiving bags to churches, agencies and local families referred.

The blessings that we were able to pass out were immeasurable as we came face to face with many of these families.

During the evening before Thanksgiving, I became exhausted physically and emotionally. I am a grandmother raising grandchildren as well. Some of those stories just hit a bit too close to home. I received a text from a pastor who knew of some people who needed help and had reached out to me to see if, by chance, I had anything left over. I was not able to get to them to deliver Thanksgiving baskets; my legs were in so much pain from the days of delivery and I just could not get going.

I made a Facebook request for assistance. Lucy and Cynthia, who had been out with me delivering baskets, took the request and shared it with anyone who could help.

Ten minutes went by and we had a volunteer from Elmendorf messaged us. She came to Boerne at 10 pm to pick up the Thanksgiving baskets and took them to 2 families by Lackland Air Force Base. One of those families had a special needs child and had nothing to cook for Thanksgiving, the other was an elderly disabled person. There is goodness all around us and I am blessed to be able to see it, every day.

I cried tears of joy as she drove away with the baskets. The Season of Giving is upon us and I am so grateful!!!