Moms at Border….

What happens when 35 moms from 14 states head to the southern border to talk to moms who live there? The Conversation Changes!

On November 4th Moms for America & Black Women Walk brought a group of moms to the southern border in McAllen Texas. What they witnessed in just one day will change the conversation forever.

The Caravan of Moms included Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn, Fox News Contributors Kathy Barnette and Beth Parlata, Kimberly Fletcher president Moms for America, Aisha Owmby founder of Black Women Walk, Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall, Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project and several Angel Moms.

The Moms arrived in McAllen, Texas on Saturday, November 3rd, many meeting each other for the first time. They were joined by several moms from the community who welcomed the Moms Caravan with open arms. On Sunday, November 4th the started bright and early with interviews of moms sharing their stories and concerns with the mass mob of men heading to our southern border which the media has labeled as a “Migrant Caravan.”

At 10:30 am the Moms Caravan headed to Hidalgo, Texas to see one of the many elementary schools that sit right along the Mexican border. While there, several of the local moms shared their personal experiences with us. One woman who teaches 4th grade said the schools have “lock down drills” to prepare for when the school has to be locked down when illegals and drug runners approach the school. They told us the illegals know the timing of the school bells and use the end of school when children are being picked up to blend into the crowd. They live in constant fear of their children being taken by illegals and said that sex trafficking is a huge issue on the border. One of the moms said they often have to lock down the school because of stray bullets coming from the other side of the border. Just as she said that we noticed a man and woman coming from the brush behind us.

One of the local moms with us asked them where they came from. They said they were from El Salvador. She asked if they were illegal and they said yes. The mom then called 911 and Border Patrol was there within 30 seconds of the call. They detained, questioned, and subsequently took the man and woman into custody. We were informed by Border Patrol that illegals use community events and gatherings of people to blend into the crowd as they move on to their next destination wherever that may be. This man and woman were trying to blend in with our group of moms. This all happened right in front of the elementary school!

Our next stop was one of the border check points in Hidalgo. We walked down a ravine under the check point. As we were exploring the area we found an area underneath the checkpoint bridge that was riddled with debris. As we got closer we realized the debris was the aftermath of some horrible scene. Beer bottles, torn women’s underwear, condoms and a woman’s wallet were scattered under the bridge. It was heart-wrenching to think of what happened there. There was a very small section of iron fence that seemed like a joke. One of the moms was commenting on the complete lack of security when suddenly, directly behind us, a bomb went off. We were immediately evacuated to safety. This was just ONE DAY on the border!

At 2:30 we headed back to the hotel for a press conference detailing our experiences. Following the press conference we headed back to the border to meet some families whose property lines right against the river which divides our two countries. These families told us they live constant fear. Illegals stream in every day—or I should say night. They sleep during the day and travel at night. One of the moms said they’ve had illegals bang on their door in the middle of the night. They had to remove their pool because illegals were using it as a bathtub. They often find their hose on after running all night because illegals used it to bath and drink. This is what they deal with every day. But it doesn’t stop at the border.

Just the other day I was speaking with a mom from northern Virginia who came face to face with the problem in her own home as an illegal tried to ax his way through her front door. If you have no respect for the law when you come to country why would you respect it once you get here?

While we had several media outlets cover the Moms Caravan many of them had their own narrative they wanted to portray and others, though they covered it well, it isn’t the same as the heartfelt stories we collected directly from the moms who live on the border and those who traveled there to meet with them. For that reason, we took our own videographer with us to capture the interviews and events because we know, if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen.

It is our sincere hope that introducing the Mom View on the border issue will help shed light on the truth of the situation and how it is endangering women and children on both sides of the border when we don’t secure our borders. One thing is for certain, every mom who was part of the Moms Caravan was changed from this trip and what we found. The conversation will never be the same for us.

In Liberty & Hope for the Future of America,

Kimberly Fletcher President & Founder, Moms for America 937 477 4218