Selective press coverage and deep Democrat denial –
Deep in the bowels of Democrat-dominated south Texas, admissions of election bribery and voter fraud have emerged. What’s ironic is that Democrats continue to deny that election tampering and voter fraud exists. Also, it is curious how the Media has ignored or limited its coverage of the of this case.
Judge J. Bonner Dorsey voided the June 9, 2018, mayoral runoff, in which incumbent and former mayor Norberto “Beto” Salinas was defeated by the challenger and current mayor Armando O’Caña. Salinas had served as mayor for 20 years, and he had established a strong city hall organization.
The Judge also said, “I hold or find, by clear and convincing evidence, that the number of illegal votes was in excess of 158.” He said he based his ruling on the bribery of voters, the paperwork of the mail-in ballots and the assistance of voters at the polls, and added, “I never thought I would hear admissions of being bribed.”
This case is interesting because Democrats have controlled south Texas politics for generations, and it pits Hispanic Democrat against Hispanic Democrat. Democratic Party political bosses have used illegal immigration to manage the overwhelming Hispanic population economically and politically.
It is also interesting because Hispanic Democrats have denied the existence of voter fraud and election tampering, while they oppose voter I. D. laws and cleaning voter rolls. Voter fraud and election tampering have been alleged as common practices by the political machines to control the election outcomes.
The fact that Hispanic Democrats are suing Hispanic Democrats over an election, with evidence of voter fraud and bribery shows there is a grave problem in south Texas. Also, the fact that the Media does not report this case widely indicates their pro-Democrat Party tendency, and how they ignore inconvenient political stories.
Voters and citizens in South Texas need to divorce themselves from the Democratic Party entirely and elect officials who support personal political and economic freedom. They also need to become politically and economically independent from the political bosses and machines.
Also, an honest and objective news media are necessary because the “truth shall make us free.” Citizens and voters need to be informed and educated about issues and incidents in their communities.
The defense of citizens’ freedom and liberty starts in their backyard at the polls, but voter fraud voter and election tampering are real. The worst nightmare of a dictator are citizens and voters who are politically and economically independent, and the same is true regarding the political bosses in South Texas.
South Texas citizens and voters need to free themselves.