Now before you get the wrong idea, just whoa up a bit. This is not a story of power abuse by any living politician. Nope, it’s about true love and how it came to be. But first I need to make an announcement.

You’ll recall in our series about Red & Jake, regarding Jake’s childhood friend and partner in “misdemeanors,” “public harassment” and “property damage” (burning down the neighbor’s, roping an eighteen-wheeler and stopping highway traffic) well, we changed his name to Weed just in case someone might get wise and take him to task.

Jake, of course, had already passed on to glory, so we didn’t worry ‘bout him. However, I have recently learned that Weed has also passed on. So, I can now divulge that his real name was Cotton. I ‘spect, those two are back together and have been admitted to heaven. Who knows what they may get into there. I make this announcement for those faithful readers who follow this column because “Cotton” will be used in the future instead of “Weed” and I don’t want anyone to become confused.

Anyway, back to the story. Jake went off to college where he met Bill. Now this is not just any ole college but Baylor, Harvard on the Brazos. The boys were in Dental school there, so it would seem their time would be completely devoted to studying that time-honored occupation often referred to as “painless.” (Right)

Now both boys had to work their way through school. They lived off campus in frat houses that were just a step away from the wrecking ball. But when the authorities and the ball showed up, they just politely excused themselves and moved to the next house on its last leg. The result was “free rent.” Pretty creative for these two.

In addition to being inventive solving housing issues, they extended their creativity to employment. They both worked at the Adolphus Hotel, which was a big deal. But they only had one suit between them. So, they worked alternating schedules between a gas station and the Adolphus. That way they each had a suit to wear at the hotel and gainful employment.

Now the boys were not exactly the same size. That gave the appearance of the suit either looking like today’s trendy style of squeezing 250 lbs. into a skinny legged, short armed jacket suit or something akin to a product of Abdullah the tent maker. Regardless, it’s a college town, the residents had long sense grown accustomed to a bit of inventiveness. It helped the kids can get by and graduate, so the permanent inhabitants just , well, over-look a lot.

The real story here however is one of “true love.” By all reports, those made by Bill and Jake and substantiated by other individuals of good report who were actually present at the time, Jake and Bill had been elected President and Vice-President of the local BSU. (I know, go figure. Oh, BSU, that’s Baptist Student Union for those not familiar with Baptist terminology.)
So, not like they had a great deal of spare time between seriously applying themselves to study, working two jobs, and facilitating routine moving from place to place, they took it upon themselves to “give back.” The fact that the “give-back” offered a bit of extra-curricular activity of the female variety, I’m certain had no bearing, at all, on their generosity.

You see, as President and Vice President of the BSU, they were charged with facilitating the Chapel meetings. Though few attended, they made it their personal mission to recruit a piano player. Now where would two ingenious young men find a piano player? Hummm let me guess, a lot of girls play the piano. Where would they look for girls who played the piano? Why obviously of course, each class of young Nursing Students. Let’s see, Nursing Students, good prospects for wives or girl-friends, oh yea, piano players too.

Now their positions as President and Vice President of the BSU at a strongly Baptist University of renown, definitely held a bit of clout and perhaps some mystique, which they had no problem using to their advantage. Exercising a bit of influence derived from their official positions, they were able to establish qualified interviews with the new Nursing Students, without having to ask for a date.

The Nursing students rotated through the facilities, in classes, once every 3 months. Jake and Bill, expecting to become dentists of renown, sought diligently to find female companions of great promise, who also played the piano of course. After all, their mission and responsibility was to find a piano player for Chapel. If that official search turned up girl-friends or wives, well great unintended benefit. Remember “Piano Players.”

Now the last Nursing class for the year arrived. Jake and Bill were still short a piano player (and serious girl-friends) even though they had officially and diligently interviewed literally every Nursing Student that came through the University. Let it never be said that persistence and diligence doesn’t payoff, a little desperation doesn’t hurt either. The last class held not one but two possibilities.

As providence would have it, these two young ladies found these two over-confident, very inventive and desperate young men, rather entertaining. The courtships are definite subject for another time. All this to say, Jake and Bill made their respective choices, good thing they didn’t both pick the same girl, could have messed up a good friendship. Of course, the ladies did a share of their own picking as well. Lifetime mates were secured, nurses to boot (cuts down on medical expenses,) and of course each of the ladies played the piano.

Their lives together became exceptionally happy and rewarding. Not long after marriage, each wife, Charlotte and Shirley, left nursing and became accomplished musicians.
Moral, when really looking for a wife, hunt for a nurse that plays the piano and is willing to put up with your shenanigans.