This is a new low. Go Vote NO and that’s supposed to protect us from Special Interests. What a joke!
It’s Special Interests that are bankrolling the Vote No Campaign. The Vote Yes Campaign was formulated by a number of Community Activist groups and individuals that consistently fight City Hall. Yes, the Fire Fighters were in that group, thank goodness. They were the only ones that could come up with enough money to make this happen.
Protect Seniors from what, Rising CPS Energy Costs, risings Water (SAWS Rates). Wasn’t it City Council that approved that, while wasting taxpayer funds on pet projects?
Did the people get to vote on the utility rate increases due to Vista Ridge, or anything to do with smart meters (take it or pay an additional $20.00 per month to have your meter read, NO.
To call the Vote Yes Campaign Supporters “Special Interest,” is like the pot calling the kettle BLACK.
This is nothing but a scare tactic against Seniors of all people. How low and despicable.
And this is what we accept as Nirenberg Leadership. Election time is coming. Maybe this time we will get a City We Deserve, and he’ll be looking for a new job.