“The Oxytocin High”
Did you know that sex produces endorphins in your brain? Endorphins just make you feel good. Chocolate produces endorphins and most women will kill for good chocolate! But in sex That’s the “high” and its created by the hormone Oxytocin. This hormone produces a feeling of euphoria, joy and happiness. It’s what makes sex so attractive. It’s a drug on a whole different level.
Did you know that the same hormone, Oxytocin, that is produced during sex is the same hormone produced in a woman as she gives birth? This “high” explains why a mother only remembers the joy of childbirth and never the actual pain. This same hormone is also produced in a woman as she nurses her baby. This hormone is responsible for bonding. Bonding a mother to her new born child, bonding a man and woman together for life in marriage. What do you think happens when there is sex with no commitment or lifelong bonding? What do you think happens when people go from one sexual partner to another? I will tell you. People think they can do this and call it freedom, but the truth is this puts them in slavery! The deep desires they are looking for keeps slipping away, bit by bit by bit. Every time someone has sex outside of God’s plan and purpose, marriage, they chip away at who they are until one day there is absolutely nothing left! There is emptiness and anger and loneliness. And this cycle continues on and on and on. Children as young as 11 are having sex and you know they can’t possibly understand the ramifications of their actions! Elisa on my staff is so good at explaining to our patients what happens to you when you have multiple partners. She uses the “duck tape” dating demonstration. I thought we should try it today. On the tables you will find some duck tape. Cut off a piece and put it on your arm. Now pull it off…hurts right? Now put it on again and pull it off. Doesn’t hurt quite so much. Now do it again. Are you getting it yet? The “bonding” that happened the first time you stuck that tape on your arm is getting less effective every time you pull it off, right? This is what happens to you when you have multiple sex partners. The bonding that is supposed to take place loses its effect and you go from partner to partner looking to replace that original feeling. You start to believe you are worthless because nothing “sticks.”