Grandmother Kate’s – Hot Water Cornbread

Great served with a pot of Pinto Beans with ham bone,
which is still one of my favorite meals! A bowl of beans calls
for at least two of these hot out of the skillet patties! Delicious,
makes my mouth water.

You can make up whatever size batch you want, the recipe is pretty basic.

For every 2 cups of yellow corn meal,
mix in 1 teaspoon garlic powder and 1 teaspoon salt, then
stir in 1 ½ C boiling water and mix well until smooth.

Prepare melted shortening or oil in iron (or other heavy) skillet about ½ inch
thick, cook over medium heat

Shape corn meal patties by hand into approx. palm size ½ to 1 inch thick
patties – finger marks allowed, place into hot grease (or oil) and cook
about 3 or 4 minutes and turn. These should be golden brown when ready.
Drain on paper towels, then place on an oven proof platter and put in
250 degree oven to keep hot, until all patties are cooked and ready to serve.

Serve with a fresh cut sweet onion and bowl of Pinto beans and ham, or a
big pot of vegetable beef soup.